A downloadable TTRPG

E L E V A T I O N is an analog roleplaying game.  I hope that is acceptable for this jam.

Created by @lynchpoet for the #FreePalestineJam game jam (https://itch.io/jam/freepalestine)

Page background image is "Incendiary balloons from Gaza strip.jpg" by MinoZig 

Image used under the terms of the CC BY-SA 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike license - No changes were made to the image.

Install instructions

PDF file


Elevation.pdf 164 kB


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Hey there, this is a really cool concept, an incredibly unique and creative take on the theme. Unfortunately, it's not quite clear enough how someone is supposed to play. 

You mention that we need a balloon and timer, which are the components. But then instead of explaining how to play,  you proceed to sort of describe the gameplay experience sort of like a story, but again I didn't feel that was enough to fully understand how to play this at home. 

Would really appreciate it if you could add a clearer "How to play" section.