(Freedom of Destiny is a WIP)

In this imagination game, your characters are patrons of an atypical fantasy inn where reality splinters whenever another patron does something to your character that you don't like.  Breaches of fictional consent create parallel universes, in which the offending actions happened and the transgressor rules.  So sip your tea, flip the tables, set the bar on fire, kill the innkeeper, fight other tavern-goers, and watch your universe fragment into a thousand different volatile shards.

Playing this is basically an exercise in confusion.  You'll portray multiple characters and parallel universe versions of them.  The longer the game goes on, the more insane and incoherent it becomes.  Flesh out a bunch of weird universes through your characters' actions, and watch their ludicrous, barely comprehensible storylines emerge parallel to one other.

  • Analog RPG ruleset with with a digital chatroom component (it's a free-form roleplaying game akin to a fuck-around Dungeons and Dragons session where you just roleplay without dice).
  • Affectionate parody of the days of internet chat roleplaying (The Keep, ISRP, Gaia Online, etc).
  • Supports up to 4 players.  Probably best with 3-4, but if you want to write some kind of multiversal tavern epic alone, or with just one friend, knock yourself out.
  • Play multiple characters that you come up with, or use the built in generator for inspiration.
  • Variable play time (90-120 minutes, or until you say "fuck it").
  • Alpha version of the chat program is ready to play around with.
  • Created for the #icantwrite gamejam, this is a refined, enhanced version of a 200-word-RPG that I made in 2015.

Install instructions

To play:  Download and read the PDF manual, get some friends, then load up the chat room.  Everyone needs to be loaded into the chatroom before you start a game.


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