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Months ago, an E-MO unit piloted by you and your superior, Major Agarwal, was involved in the Incident.  As a result, you were traumatized and Major Agarwal, who was not, was put up for a commendation.

The Incident has done more than reduce your mind to shambles.  It has also cursed you with the ability to briefly travel back in time to literally relive your torment whenever you have flashbacks.  

Today is Major Agarwal's commendation hearing.

Today will always be Major Agarwal's commendation hearing, forever.

  • 3+ players (best with 5+, or as many as possible)
  • LARPish
  • Variable play time depending # of players (probably like 90 - 120 minutes)


Indelible in the Hippocampus 1 MB
indelible_in_the_hippocampus_plaintext.txt 6 kB

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