A child soldier carrying some heavy baggage endures the usual suspects—hunger, rape, and suicidal ideation—while on a violent quest to extinguish the dictator-witch responsible for her trauma.  This short interactive fiction is a love/hate letter to child soldier media like Beasts of No Nation and War Witch and is partially inspired by other war-related stuff (particularly The Things They Carried).  It features talking monkeys, bloated dead bodies, keyboard finger Twister, and necromancy.  

Hold down the keys that appear on-screen to hold things.  Held items produce choices that affect the narrative (press the flashing keys to choose).  Once you're done choosing, hit SPACEBAR. On a standard (non-NKRO) keyboard, you won't be able to carry everything, so choose what seems most important to you.  If you get to a point where your keyboard is jamming and won't receive your inputs, let go of some stuff (or try other inputs).

A full playthrough takes about 15-20 minutes.  Put your browser in fullscreen (F11) for best results.

Click here to play the game if the Itch.io uploaded version doesn't work:


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