You're a citizen of Rubik's Cube McDravian, the underworld's first—and last?—postgender, postracial, posthuman, post office state.  Human bodies are now barely legal as weirdo transhumanist leaders push Man towards the next evolutionary step (or whatever).  

As someone who experiences Dysphoria with a capital 'D', you cherish the privacy of your State-provided quantum burqa, but long to Other yourself and give up the human facade once and for all.  Once you're Other, things will be awesome.

You've started a blog to document your transition experience.  Soon you will be inhuman, beautiful, perfect.

Install instructions

Run this Twine in fullscreen (F11), preferably in Chrome browser.  If the links above don't work, use this one.  The typed text might stall for a bit in some places.  Give it a moment.



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