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The wizard who raped you is dead. The salacious details of his death, which the interplanar tabloids are circulating throughout the multiverse with perverse intensity, bring you no solace. He was never brought to justice, never forced to face a tribunal of archmages and answer for his crimes, never disgraced and defrocked. His staff, and all the power and prestige it signified, both actual and ceremonial, remanded unbroken to the end. But even that isn't the root cause of your sleeplessness, the conjurer of your night sweats, or the summoner of the demon that perches beside your bed and whispers incantations and dirty words to you as you lay paralyzed. No, the thing that fucking gets you is knowing that your rapist will live again.

Wizards of great power can transgress even the rules of death (and the bastard was nothing if not transgressive) by binding their souls to an item of intense personal importance, using arcane runes and magic script to bridge the infinite distance between being and not. They can write themselves back into existence, even after their hand falls eternally still. You are sure of this. Certain. As long as his phylactery exists, he will return, and he will molest again.

Luckily, you were close enough to him to know his habits and to guess his schemes. You know where he's hidden his soul: in the voluminous tome where he recorded all his hoodoo knowledge. His book of spells. It must be destroyed.


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