A downloadable James Brown shrine

SENDING GOOD VIBES is a game about E-MO mecha pilots tearing it up in the malleable virtual hivemind  that you can play with your friends over Skype asynchronously.   

Want to explore life as an androgynous, music-adoring husk with a shifting concept of identity?  Ever spammed lyrics in ALL CAPS to your group convo?  Like giant robot anime?  Hate giant robot anime?  Think that James Brown is the best thing to come out of American R&B?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you might enjoy this game.  Bonus points if you pull your friends who don't even want to play in to inadvertently help with world construction! 

  • 3+ players (best with as many as you can fucking get in a chatroom + non players)
  • Skype text-based
  • Play-by-post


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