A downloadable color theory nightmare

The Ecology is a dungeon-creating minigame that can be used with or without your favorite murder hobo simulator to create weird details of ancient, decrepit towers, warrens, or barrows.

It uses the magic of color theory and a set of illustrated hex tiles to inspire ideas for dungeon features like flora, fauna, and points of interest.

The default setting is a post-apocalyptic world of shit where four spectacularly-unhinged factions race to give a paint job to a crumbling Tower of Babble, but if that doesn't light your fire, you can swap it for something else.

You can also download the dungeon room hexes so that you can use them as assets in your own games, or create your own (a couple blank tiles and GIMP .xcf files are included to help get you started with this).

Some info about the game:

  • 4 players (3 Factioners, 1 Game Master).
  • Semi-competitive painting mechanics tell the story of factions at war, and help flesh out the dungeon's history and ecology by letting players decide what things depicted in the tiles actually represent.
  • Played online.  Google Accounts + Google drawings required.
  • 2-3 hours playtime, with the potential to be shorter if you paint fewer rooms.
  • Can be used as inspiration for an RPG dungeon crawl, or alone as a worldbuilding tool.

Install instructions

PDF + zip file with .PNG files, .txt files, and .xcf files


THE_ECOLOGY_070320.pdf 1 MB
tower_tiles_070320.zip 1 MB

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