We have a tough decision to make (and we want your feedback)

So The White House at Night Kickstarter campaign was not as successful as we hoped. It's OK. Failure is an unfortunate but inescapable part of any creative project. When you're searching for an audience for your work, you're bound to encounter some dead ends.

That said, now we have to make a difficult choice. We have to decide whether to move forward with the game or move on to something new. Our tiny, three person team put a lot of time and energy into developing the prologue for The White House at Night. It was fun, but it was also fatiguing. Producing a full version of the visual novel will mean an even greater investment of hours of writing, coding, and designing more "purposely amateur" photoshop collages. We need to know if this investment will be worthwhile. Frankly, we need to know if anyone cares.

And this is, of course, where you come in. If you enjoyed the prologue, please drop a comment here on itch.io, or hit us up on twitter or facebook. Let us know what you thought of the game. Hell, let us know if you hated it. That's valuable too.

If you're feeling really philanthropic, you could also start a discussion about The White House at Night on your favorite gaming forum or subreddit. (Just be sure to send us a link!)

We'd love to hear people discussing our game. Honestly, this would motivate us to continue in a way that no amount of money ever could. I know this sounds like we're begging for attention (because we are!),  but we're not sure how else to know whether or not this project is worth pursuing. Sometimes it's impossible to make an informed choice in a vacuum.

So, uh, yeah. Thanks for your time.

Yes, OK, I suck at conclusions. I promise the visual novel will have better endings than this if we complete it.

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