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You know the White House is full of goddamn ghosts, right? It’s the most haunted place in America. Dozens of ghosts. Maybe hundreds. People have seen dead presidents, family members, former staff. Hell, even old presidential pets. They say they really come out of the colonial woodwork during times of national crisis, moments of great moral peril. These are men who loved the country more than they loved themselves. They can’t stand to see the nation they fought and bled and died for come to harm, not even in death. So when the danger is real, when the deluge comes and it looks like the union might be swept away in an absolutely biblical tide of its own people’s petty nonsense, they appear to men of real character, to born leaders, like angels to Old Testament prophets.

The White House at Night: Prologue is the introduction to a work-in-progress visual novel about ghosts, ghouls, and the heat death of representative democracy. Play as President Trump as he aimlessly wanders the halls of the White House in the middle of the night, haunted by phantoms from American history and his own past. Choose from a (definitely-not-heavenly) host of different dialogue options as you banter with dead presidents and other lost souls.

This is a (relatively) short and (completely) free demo of what will hopefully eventually become a full game, but it still has multiple paths to take through each of its spectral encounters.

"It takes a lot for me to actually enjoy satire, and the bar in games isn’t always set very high. Lord knows, it actually needs to be funny and sharp, and that key ingredient—it needs to be recognizably satirical, not just 90s style edgelord ironic. And lo, the free, playable demo of The White House at Night is extremely funny." - Danielle Riendeau, Waypoint


TheWhiteHouseatNightPrologue-pc.zip 108 MB
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TheWhiteHouseatNightPrologue-linux.tar.bz2 97 MB

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i love it. In life and gaming when it comes to trump we wonder “where’s the love?”