A downloadable sexcrawl

As a prestigious academic known for your work on many bestiaries, you have kept from the world a terrible secret:  you like to fuck monsters. But that isn't all.

You have traveled to other countries (all part of the so-called "Monster Bloc"), using your encyclopedic knowledge of non-human cultures and customs to engage in sexual relations with creatures of all kinds (an obvious taboo), all of which were—under your home country's laws—below the legal age of consent, 18 (something most would describe as a grotesque, if not technically illegal, act).  

The tattered map you keep by your side while journeying has no place names.  Instead, each kingdom, empire, and republic is denoted only by a single number: the age of consent within its borders.

This is the story of your travels, your There and Back Again.  Though dragonfire and burglary probably aren't in your future, urethral burn and stolen kisses might be.  

  • Solo TTRPG
  • Draw maps and pictures of naked pubescent monsters
  • Small inspirational chart to help generate monsters
  • ~3-4 hours playtime, depending on how much you love worldbuilding and weird monster sex
  • Brief rules for passing your map on to another player
  • Created for Mapemounde Game Jam
    which is hosted by
    Mammut RPG | #mapemounde2019

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