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2525 A.D.  Congo Autonomous Region.  Teenage girls—culturally admonished as emotionally volatile magnets for poltergeist activity—are routinely abducted by anti-government militias and used to pilot giant E-MO mecha, sentient war machines that harness human emotions to power their weapons systems.  The United Nations has condemned this practice, and launched a rehabilitation and reintegration mandate in countries like Congo, with a goal of demobilizing affected children and helping them lead normal lives.

Xiong Yijun, governor of Congo, has acknowledged the UN mandate and set up centers for Pervasive Therapy, a technique by which a therapist is embedded into the consciousness of a patient.  It is this therapist's job to combat past traumas and adjust thinking patterns, something that puts them in direct conflict with the mental imprint of the E-MO, which often has a strong personality of its own.  

  • 3 players
  • Chess mechanics
  • Variable playtime (probably about 90-120 minutes)


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