chemical alarm signalling
a game about some balloons
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chess with looping ghosts and a Winchester rifle
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Splinter the universe whenever someone interrupts your teatime.
Interactive Fiction
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Worst. Splatoon fan-game. EVER.
Realities, fantasies, selective omissions
A mashup of Dr. Seuss and Generation Kill
Poetry or whatever
A human-to-other transition blog experience for 1 wannabe-illustrator
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some loosely-connected microgames about a world
An impossible game of Civil War burials, hungry hogs, and exclusion
A solo RPG where your thoughts fight for the right to torment you.
The wizard who raped you is dead.
A LARP about reckless teens, super powers, and peer pressure.
A single player role-playing game of tulpamancy, homelessness and embarrassment
Child soldiers, magic, and keyboard stress positions.
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A game about loss and pilots.
Dwell in the virtual Shared Consciousness Module while you shoot the shit with friends.
Child soldier mecha pilots with a devil and an angel on their shoulder.
a game of piloted robots
A combat mecha pilot's traumatic experience causes them to travel through time.
a work-in-progress visual novel about ghosts, ghouls, and the heat death of representative democracy
Visual Novel